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Reciprocity in Relationships

Why Relationships Have To Be A Joint Effort

According to Katie & Gay Hendricks there is always one partner within a relationship who is more invested than the other partner. This is not an issue in itself, depending on how big the...
The Truth in Intimate Relationships

The Power of Speaking Our Truth in Intimate Relationships

People say that truth is subjective. It is. People say that the truth will set you free. And it does. People say many thing about the truth but not many really speak theirs. Sadly,...
Sexual Rejection

The Pain of Sexual Rejection

Most adults are fully connected to their sexual needs, which is something healthy and natural. When we choose to be in a monogamous relationship with someone, we usually want to express ourselves sexually with...
Sexual Bids

Bids for Sexual Connection

Drawing on Gottman, bids for connection are an attempt by one partner to elicit attention, affirmation, affection and any other kind of positive connection from their partner. Bids of connection are usually not grand...
Sex and Attachment

The Impact of our Attachment Styles on our Sex Lives

When Sex Is More Than Just Sex: How Attachment Style Affects Our Sex Lives For most healthy adults sex is a vital and important part of their relationship. Sexual desires and needs in humans...
Honesty in Relationships

The True Foundation for Healthy Relationships: Honesty

  Most of us would say that honesty is one of our fundamental and deeply treasured values in our lives and especially in our relationships. We like to perceive ourselves as honest people and...