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3 Simple Ways to Connect with our Children

Loving Our Children in 3 Simple Ways

Thousands of books are written every year trying to make us better parents. We are inundated with expert advice and we lap it up because we are scared of doing it wrong. We should...
Sexual Rejection

The Pain of Sexual Rejection

Most adults are fully connected to their sexual needs, which is something healthy and natural. When we choose to be in a monogamous relationship with someone, we usually want to express ourselves sexually with...
Sexual Bids

Bids for Sexual Connection

Drawing on Gottman, bids for connection are an attempt by one partner to elicit attention, affirmation, affection and any other kind of positive connection from their partner. Bids of connection are usually not grand...
The Avoidant's Sex Life

The Avoidant’s Sex Life

The Avoidant’s Sex Life   Adults with an avoidant attachment style do not connect in healthy, helpful and mature ways with others or themselves. Fearful or dismissive thinking gets in the way of being...