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Brutal Honesty in Codependency

Is Brutal Honesty Required to End Codependency?

Do we need to be brutally honest with ourselves to end our codependent patterns? Or could approaching ourselves with compassion help us to get even more honest with ourselves?
Recurring Relationship Conflict

The Real Cause of Recurring Relationship Conflict: Defending Against Shame

Many of us have been in relationships with lots of conflict. Most of the time that conflict evolved around the same issues we just did not seem to find a way past. Recurring relationship...
The Hidden Truths of Rescuing

The Hidden Truths About Rescuing: When ‘Helping’ Isn’t Helping

Sometimes we meet people who we view as slightly incompetent, vulnerable or in some kind of need for help, advice or support. Very often we don’t realize that our judgments create our reality of...
Family of Origin - Codependency

The Cause of Codependency: Our Family of Origin

We experience a wide range of feelings when we first learn about codependency. We start to join the dots and see things we did not see before. Most of us also feel very angry...
What is Codependency?

What Is Codependency?

It is currently impossible to provide a unified description of codependency as many researchers and authors have all come up with different descriptions and characteristic. No unified framework to accurately define the concept of...