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About Marlena Tillhon

Hello I’m Marlena Tillhon

I have always wanted to become a psychotherapist. Luckily I have been able to fulfil my dream and am now helping people create richer, more authentic and more meaningful lives.
I am passionate about helping people understand themselves better so they can reconnect with their innate wellbeing and unleash their full potential – no matter what has happened to them in the past. My client work focuses on gaining self-awareness by understanding restrictive patterns from the past while becoming more present and proactive so we finally get to create and live an amazing life.

I do not believe in pathologising the human condition and do not work within the restrictions of labels. Instead I create an environment of openness, understanding, honesty, awareness and compassion that leads to proactive, positive and lasting change.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Jung

What Is Love With Clarity?

Love with Clarity exists to support people in creating healthier, happier and more loving relationships with themselves and others.
We All Struggle In Relationships
There are too many misunderstandings about romance, love and relationships for us to truly connect with another human being in a loving way. We seek out an illusion and are disappointed when we are faced with reality.
Dissolve Your Misunderstandings About Love

The problem is that the reality of love is more beautiful than any illusion could ever be. By holding on to our illusion of what love and relationships should feel like, we are depriving ourselves from experiencing what we are really looking for.

Love with Clarity wants to liberate you from unloving, fearful and insecure beliefs and misunderstandings that are wrongly perpetuated by society.

Empower Yourself With A Deeper Understanding

We do this by deepening our understanding of how our experience is created. We become clear about what is it we want in our lives so we can move towards becoming who we need to be to make that a reality.

Gain Clarity of Mind

Once we see, we know. We cannot unsee and we cannot unknow. And that alone allows us to let to naturally and effortlessly of old patterns and habits that no longer serve us.

Open Up To A New Experience

When we deepen our understanding, we begin to see how our conditioning has shaped our life. For the first time we truly see the part we have played in everything that has gone on in our lives. And with that, we learn to take responsibility for ourselves.

Let Go Of Old Patterns And Habits

We are starting to experience what we never thought possible. It’s different. It’s new. It’s unbelievable. We are only ever one thought away from a completely new experience. And once we open up to that, we open up infinite possibilities and opportunities.

Create What You Desire

We are now connected with what we want and guided by our innate wisdom. We know what works for us. We know what we desire.

We have purpose and agency. We experience joy and vitality. We take responsibility for giving to ourselves what we have always sought from the outside.

Finally we take action. And we create what we desire.

Learn To Love With Clarity

The Love With Clarity Mission

My aim is to show you who you really are so you can see that you already have everything you need to experience the beauty of loving relationships. What comes between you and the life you really want to life is fearful thinking and past conditioning. 

Love With Clarity Is For You If ...

You want to have an amazing relationship but don’t know how.

You struggle with codependency.

You find yourself in painful relationships and relationship dynamics.

You fear that you attract the wrong kind of partner.

You often feel lost and lonely.

You are scared of being alone.

You are disappointed with love and life overall.

You want things to change and create a wonderful life.

My 5 Most Impactful Choices

It’s vital for therapists to have done what you are being asked to do. These are some of the things I have learned on my way to creating an amazing life for myself that I would like to share with you.

We cannot create an amazing life when we don’t know what is going on for ourselves. Once we learn to focus on our internal experience, we can respond in much more attuned ways. Life becomes so much easier and more enjoyable.

We are all in the habit of blame. When I blame, I disempower myself by not seeing my part of it. That means I deny my agency and choice. I no longer blame, and instead take responsibility for creating my life. It’s empowering!

We grow up believing life to be like the fantasy we create in our heads. When we try to make it match, we suffer and fail. Once I learnt to love what is, the fantasy in my head lost its appeal. Life is beautiful!

It is true that the only constant in life is change. It is unnatural for us to hold on to what is meant to change. We suffer when we resist what occurs naturally. Instead of trying to hold on to what is meant to change, I have learnt to embrace it. This has been one of the most liberating things I ever did for myself.

Nothing happens when we get stuck in complaining, passivity, inaction and negativity. It happens to us all but the only thing that will help us get out of it is to empower ourselves and to take action. Once I started to take action life became fun again.

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.” Sydney Banks


I feel grateful to be working with the most wonderful human beings. Here is some feedback from past clients

Marlena’s Clinical Expertise

Marlena is professionally trained and educated in the following modalities and integrates them competently into her work.

Person-Centred Therapy
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
Attachment Theory
Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy
Compassion Focused Therapy


Schema Therapy
Imago Therapy
Emotionally-Focused Therapy
The Gottman Method
Choice Theory
Psychodynamic Therapy

“I integrate my knowledge and skills within the Transtheoretical Model of Change. The focus of my work is on change, growth and transformation by compassionately guiding my clients through liberating and life-enhancing processes.”

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