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About me


Hello I’m Marlena Tillhon

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to become a psychotherapist. Luckily I have been able to fulfil my dream and am now helping people create richer, more authentic and more meaningful lives.

I am passionate about people and about helping them understand themselves better so they can reconnect with their innate wellbeing and unleash their potential – no matter what has happened to them in the past. My client work focuses on becoming more self-aware by understanding restrictive patterns from the past while becoming more present so we finally get to live an amazing life.

I do not believe in pathologising the human condition and do not work within the restrictions of labels. I believe in compassion, love and kindness while taking responsibility and action to create positive and lasting changes.

What is Love with Clarity?

Love with Clarity exists to support people in creating healthier, happier and more loving relationships with themselves and others.

It is about empowering ourselves by taking responsibility and action.

There are too many misunderstandings about romance, love and relationships for us to truly connect with another human being in a loving way. We seek out an illusion and are disappointed when we are faced with reality. The problem is that the reality of love is more beautiful than any illusion could ever be. By holding on to our illusion of what love should feel like and relationships should look like we are depriving ourselves from experiencing what we are looking for. 

Love with Clarity wants to liberate you from unloving, fearful and insecure beliefs and misunderstandings that are wrongly perpetuated by society.

We have to let go of old patterns and habits.

What you want is possible. It just does not look like the illusion we have held on to for too long. But that’s ok because being willing to look inwards and seeing the ways in which we innocently set ourselves up to create emotional distress will result in an experience better than you could have ever hoped for.

Be supported in leaving behind relationship distress, repetitive arguments, strings of failed relationships and codependency. 

Drop old patterns and habits. Open up to a new experience. Get ready for amazing experiences.

Learn to Love with Clarity. 


Love With Clarity Is For You If ...

You want to have an amazing relationship but don’t know how.

You struggle with codependency.

You find yourself in painful relationships and relationship dynamics.

You fear that you attract the wrong kind of partner.

You often feel lost and lonely.

You are scared of being alone.

You are disappointed with your life overall.

You want things to change  and create a wonderful life.

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My 5 Most Impactful Choices

It’s vital for therapists to have done what you are being asked to do. These are some of the things I have learnt on my way to creating an amazing life for myself that I would like to share with you.


Looking Inwards: My relationship to myself is the best it’s ever been. It’s blissful!


Taking Personal Responsibility: I no longer blame, and instead take responsibility for creating my life. It’s empowering!


Accepting What Is: I truly enjoy life instead of trying to make it more like the picture in my head. It’s effortless!


Embracing Change: Instead of trying to hold on to what is meant to change, I embrace it. It’s liberating!


Taking Action: Nothing happens when we get stuck in complaining, passivity, inaction and negativity. It’s fun!N


I feel grateful to be working with the most wonderful human beings. Here is some feedback from past clients.

"I had given up on myself and life before I met Marlena. She showed me all the ways in which I was making myself miserable and has taught me to become my new best friend. Every time I have horrible thoughts now I hear Marlena's voice. She is my fairy godmother." ~ Female Client, UK

"I have struggled with mental health issues all my life. I have taken tablets and seen psychiatrists and counsellors. I was at another low point when I started seeing Marlena and it's been a miracle. I have never felt this happy and content in all my life. I did not think this would be possible. It's like I am the person I should have always been." ~ Male Client, UK

"I went from one unhappy relationship to the next. I now know that I was trying to find happiness and love in men who were not emotionally available. There was so much I didn't know about myself so I kept repeating the same thing over and over again. It felt hopeless. Marlena helped me see what I was doing and kind of changed me. So much didn't make sense then that makes sense now and I've got to be honest: it was hard at times but Marlena is so understanding and gentle that I felt safe. She is a miracle worker!" ~ Female Client, UK